22nd WPA World Congress of Psychiatry 


会议地点: 泰国 曼谷(Bangkok, Thailand)
会议时间: 2022年8月3-6日
行业: 神经|心理|精神会议



世界精神病学协会(WPA)成立于1950年,是一个旨在增加精神卫生领域工作所需知识和技能以照料精神病患者的全球性精神病学专业组织;WPA目前拥有来自125个国家的145个团体成员,代表着全球25万名精神病学家/医师。凭借72个科学部门,旨在传播信息并宣促进精神病学特定领域的协作工作。WPA制定了精神病实践的道德准则,包括“马德里宣言”(1996年),以及有关精神病实践相关主题和精神病医生角色的立场声明。WPA与其成员合作主办一年一度的WPA世界精神病学大会以及区域和专题会议,吸引全球精神卫生领导者并为共享经验和合作提供平台。WPA的官方期刊World Psychiatry在精神病学期刊排名第一,社会科学引文索引排名第一。

WCP 2022 - 22nd WPA World Congress of Psychiatry
Organized by: World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
Date: 3-6 August 2022
Location: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, Thailand + VIRTUAL




Abstract Submission Deadline: 2 March 2022 23:59 CEST
Abstract Submission Notification: March 2022

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Rules for Submission

Please read the submission rules before submitting an abstract.

It will be possible to participate with online presentation. Online presenters who are not present in Bangkok will be asked to pre-record their presentations. Presentations will be available to view on demand with no live element. Presenters who are sure they will only be able to participate online and will not be coming to Bangkok should inform the Secretariat ([email protected]) by 10 February 2022. 

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World Psychiatry Meets in Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, 3-6 August 2022! 

Together with our valued member society, the Psychiatric Association of Thailand, and supported by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Thailand & Department of Mental Health, Thailand, WPA looks forward to welcoming you to the 22nd WPA World Congress of Psychiatry in Bangkok, Thailand, 3-6 August 2022.

Psychiatry and mental health are witnessing rapid changes especially with the current pandemic that is placing a big impact on health care systems around the globe. Today, treatment and recovery of mental disorders go hand in hand with promotion and prevention and there is an increased interest in rehabilitation and psycho-social interventions.

I am pleased that WPA is organizing its 22nd World Congress at Bangkok, Thailand with the theme Psychiatry 2022: The need for empathy and action. We will examine and discuss all the crucial issues in psychiatry and mental health and are setting up an exciting scientific programme with numerous sessions and lectures that convoy our present scientific and technological revolution. Delegates will certainly profit from up-to-date research data, the best lectures from experts in all fields of mental health, a high quality scientific content, interaction between mental health & other health & social care professionals, patients and carers, and relevant peer-to-peer networking.

Furthermore, whether your contribution is in the field of psychopathology, biologic psychiatry, pharmacotherapy, psychiatric training, psychotherapy, social psychiatry, rehabilitation, prevention, or services organization, it will surely be an opportunity to share our knowledge.

We are particularly excited to be hosting such a significant event in Asia.  The diversity of the region encourages diversity in the program, with opportunities to explore how we work in scarce resource versus high income settings, and how we can share best practice across settings of all kinds across the world.  We will review the 2017-2020 Action Plan and delve into its themes of collaboration, reaching those living with adversity, and the rich and varying ways in which the role of psychiatrist can be legitimately expressed.  We will investigate how the time-honoured approaches and the newest techniques in psychiatry – including those in psychotherapies, neuromodulation, pharmacology, digital technologies and social therapies – can be used practically to support people affected by mental ill-health, their families and friends and community groups. These groups will join researchers and mental health professionals to consider advocacy, planning and policymaking across sectors to promote the advancement of psychiatry and mental health in all countries.

Bangkok is considered among one of the most beautiful cities in the Asia. In addition to attending a high-quality scientific deliberations, you will have the chance to enjoy this beautiful part of the world which has been consistently, over the last several years, coming as one of the most favourable travel destination for its amazing historical patrimony, culture, natural wonders and the warm-welcoming Colombian, Latin, Central & South American people.

Join colleagues and thought leaders from across the globe for learning, sharing and networking.

Needless to say, in our Congress you will find a memorable reception, informed scientific discussions, great networking prospects and enjoyable cultural and gastronomical events from our Thai hosts.

We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok, Thailand from 3-6 August 2022.

Dr Afzal Javed


World Psychiatric Association


WPA 2022 注册费:

Participation Fees (in USD) apply to payments received prior to the indicated deadlines.

FROM 17 JUNE, 2022


Full Participant Group A country*
Full Participant Group B country*
Full Participant Group C country*
Full Participant Group D country*
Full Participants – Locals**
Residents***, specialist trainees, Other Mental Health Professionals/Health Professionals eg, Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational therapists****
Residents***, specialist trainees, Other Mental Health Professionals/Health Professionals eg, Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational therapists****- Locals**
Service users and family carers

*The country group is based upon the official classification of the World Bank and refers to your work and correspondence address:
Group A – High Income Countries
Group B – Upper-middle-income countries
Group C – Lower-middle-income countries
Group D – Low income countries
**Special rate offered exclusively to Thai participants including participants based in Thailand.
*** Students/ Residents – Can take advantage of a reduced fee. Residents, trainees, and students in full-time training under 40 years of age (on the first day of the congress) are asked to provide a copy of their student ID or  a certificate from the supervisor or head of the department together with the registration. Does not apply to trainees with a professional degree or completed professional training.
**** Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Ph.D. Students, Psychological Psychotherapists in training – In order to benefit from the special fee, a submission of your status confirmation must be uploaded during the online registration process.


Fees for In-Person Participants Include:

  • Participate in all scientific sessions
  • Attend Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception
  • Access to the Exhibition Area
  • Refreshments during coffee breaks as indicated in the program
  • Meet the speakers and experts in-person
  • Dedicated time and place for networking
  • Access to all the sessions recordings on demand for 3 months after the Congress
  • All benefits of the virtual category which includes access to online content and networking opportunities

Fess for Online Participants include

  • Access to all scientific content: pre-recorded & selected live interactive sessions
  • After the official congress days: access on-demand to all available content for 3 months
  • Access to abstracts and E-Posters online
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Access to the virtual Exhibition Area
  • Access to available industry sessions and materials
  • Online networking opportunities


Converting from In-Person to Online Attendance

Standard Ticket

  • Up to July 6, 2022: Receive a refund of the difference in fees.
  • As of July 7, 2022: Ability to switch BUT there will be no refund of the difference in fees.

Flex Ticket (+50 USD)

  • Any time before the congress: Receive a refund of the difference in fees.

When changing your registration category, the fee applied will be based on the registration fee and category applicable at the time of change.

Converting from Online to In-Person Attendance

All Tickets

Switch at any time! You will be required to pay the difference in fees, applicable based on the registration fee and category at the time of change.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be emailed prior to the below deadlines:

  • Cancellations received until and including 7 April, 2022 – full refund
  • Cancellations received between 8 April and 20 July, 2022 – 50% will be refunded
  • From July 21, 2022 – no refund available

*Note, in case of cancellation at any stage, a bank transfer handling fee (30 USD) will not be refunded – applicable to bank transfer payments only.




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